Towards a LighterLife

LighterLife Introduction 

A weight-loss programme which worked for me;

the all-or-nothing approach helped me get the focus off food and onto gaining an understanding of my compulsive behaviour

Click here to read the article featuring my story from the April 07 edition of the national magazine produced by LighterLife

Lighter Life Week One Day by Day

The reality of stopping the habit of a lifetime

LighterLife Into the Groove Week by Week

Far less detailed, but considerably more extensive

Contains photographic evidence

Road to Management

Am I cured of eating? No. See how I'm getting on with this struggle to be sensible, satisfied, slimline and slightly saucy

PacksMan Returns

Course correction as I go on. Perhaps this will be how life is now

Back on the Packs Again NEW! for 2007

A return to abstinence required...

My Sweet Lard NEW 6.3.07

George Harrison's anthem twisted, mangled, deep-fried