Seven wonders of the modern world:

the golden tonsils of Louise Fellingham

the production, mixing and mastering skills here displayed
the piano playing of Mike Sandeman
as displayed for the first time on a Phatfish album
the in-depth provocation of Phatfish lyrics
the relaxed adaptability of Alan Rose’s guitar-playing
the internationally-high quality of the support acts
and, of course, the Christ-likeness
of Luke Fellingham’s appearance

Not noted for acoustic restraint, this live & unplugged selection of Phatfish favourites and some new numbers is surprisingly powerful, even without the more familiar power chords and glorious energy of other Phatfish recordings. The band do subtle really rather well, with Mike’s dancing fingers enhancing everything in sight.

Louise has a flawless voice, full of passion and compassion, and she delivers these songs with intensity. It's when you hear her alongside Kate Simmonds, one of the support artists, that you start to realise that they are both perfect, except Kate is dark chocolate while Louise is a sort of cointreau-white chocolate medley.

When Louise caresses the lyrics to Your Love, hairs stand up, nerves tingle and almost everything clenches realising how exposed and open the sound has become. But Alan is spot-on with the nice new strings on an acoustic guitar and Lou produces notes of such quality you wonder just exactly how ‘live’ the album really can be. But I’m assured it’s a genuine take -– she really can do this!. She achieves demanding intervals, with middle-of-the-note accuracy every time. And, just like Phatfish, the song is a love poem to Jesus, and carries with it the anointing of the Holy Spirit, drawing the listener into the presence of the Lord whose ‘love completes me’.

How wonderful to hear River of Life again! And Nathan’s Castaway is a much better song than I first thought, and my first reaction to it was to be stunned and impressed with the literary references, the quality of the poetry, the groove and the fresh revelation of the grace of God the song reflects.

The new number Prayer Song, drawing attention to the orphaned HIV children who are benefitting from every sale, has one of those melodies that won’t let go. Louise provides an intensity of intercession as she delivers full-length notes and spontaneous cries from the heart, calling on the Father to demonstrate his gentle love to these suffering ones.

There will be special moments when you want to play this CD; and when you play this CD, it will create special moments for you.