Gig at Dunamis Youth Group 15th March 2003

Despite the random percussion techniques employed by Cameron Cooke, the tones and style of Seeker lulled many young people into a true sense of security.

The reliability of Adam 'Jarvis'Jarvis gave structure to the music, including careful and occasion use of a wah-wah sound, and several other foot-pedal-generated variations. His chords and economy of motion give the songs room to move.

The brother-sister combination of Tim and Becky Marchant on bass (five-string fretless) and keys (sometimes) respectively make for a chemical understanding which transcends traditional rehearsal. Tim's playing has continued to improve as his quality of instrument has followed a similar path. Becky plays with much more confidence these, days, but still needs to fight for a piano part in some of the numbers which currently require her to be wasted on tambourine or muted shaker.

But at the heart of the band is Jenny Bell, who provides vocal hooks, insight and the only discernable movements (apart from Cameron picking up his drumsticks when he's dropped them). She deserves wide recognition, and will do well in the studio, methinks. The constant problems accompanying small bands like these (lack of finance, lack of image, lack of promotion) will all be overcome once they have a recording available, as quality will out.